H352D Free & Forced Convection from Flat, Pin and Fin Plates

Penjelasan Produk

The H352D Free and Forced Convection from Flat, Pinned and Finned Plates accessory includes three plates with integral heaters and temperature sensors that are each designed to fit the aperture in the Cross Flow Heat Exchanger H352 duct.
A heated flat plate with surface thermocouple may be directly compared with a similar pinned plate and finned plate also fitted with a surface thermocouple. In addition to expand understanding of the heat transfer enhancement from extended surfaces, the pinned and finned plates each have three thermocouples arranged at intervals along a fin and a pin.
Each of the plates plug directly into the Cross Flow Heat Exchanger H352 instrumentation console and this allows measurement of the low voltage power supplied to the heater and the surface temperatures.