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Espial - Unique interactive teaching software

Espial means “to discover by observation” and describes the didactic concept behind our well established Discovery software. To emphasise that the new version is called Espial. Espial extends the boundaries of teaching and learning, as well as being a more student focussed environment.

The most important philosophy of our Espial software package is the interactivity with teaching hardware. Espial can be applied to many products within our range of teaching products and is used extensively within the telecommunications, control and basic electronics ranges.

The teaching content is provided within the software; this includes the underlying theory, written so that it does not make extensive use of mathematics. An important part of the content is to highlight the assignment learning objectives and to convey relevant background to the student. Consequently, the student is well prepared for the practical work using the hardware, and can put the results into perspective.

Espial operates so that its appearance and the range of instrumentation depend on the context. So, for example, if the practical-work requires the use of complex instrumentation such a constellation or a phase meter, one is made available, whereas at lower levels of study it would not be provided. Test instruments are initialised with settings suitable for the required measurements, but students are often expected to change them during the practical work. The instruments have cursors to make measurements and their displays may be printed or exported for inclusion in laboratory reports.

System Benefits

· Uniform hardware & software delivery platform reduces familiarisation time

· Step-by-step instructed courseware optimises instructor-student contact time

· Guided patching sequence reduces patching errors

· Classroom sets and courses maximise flexibility

NEW Features

· Espial Tools allows full editing as well as the creation of new content and additional assignments

· Espial Course Manager creates custom courses with additional documents, multimedia and third party programs, web urls, or locations on local intranets

· Free of charge online updates


· Hands off for tutors - hands on for students

· Self-paced

· Unrestricted and open learning environment

· Practical demonstration of theory and concepts

· Interactive patching diagrams

· Real-time embedded instrumentation

· Automatic instrumentation configuration

· Data export for analysis

· Edit facility only on selected workstations

· USB connection to hardware