LED Backlight Illumination Unit

Penjelasan Produk

Plug and Play LED sources are rapidly replacing expensive and difficult to maintain laser systems. The spatial and temporal beam properties of LED’s suffice for many applications, making them attractive substitutes for lasers. From an operational standpoint, the cooling requirements for these LED’s are minimal and accomplished by just air-cooling. Being compact and lightweight these units minimize the load on traverse systems.   

The LED Backlight Illumination Unit produces high intensity, non-coherent light while operated in either pulsed or continuous mode. It produces white light flashes with pulse durations as short as 2 µs. The device operates with repetition rates of up to 100 KHz. The LED unit includes a compact controller and various timing parameters for it can be very conveniently programmed from DynamicStudio through Dantec’s timing and control unit. Unlike other high intensity lightsources where the warm up time can be few minutes, this unit instantly turns on.