MiniCTA is a cost effective miniature Constant Temperature Anemometer system for basic flow studies

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The MiniCTA system is a versatile anemometer that can be used with Dantec Dynamics standard wire and film probes.

It is especially suitable for basic flow diagnostics and its small size facilitates mounting close to the probe or even for it to be built into flow models.

MiniCTA systems can be used for studies of simple flows with moderate velocities and limited frequency content.

Applications include:

  • Measurement of velocity and turbulence in air and water flows.
  • Education, e.g. demonstration of classical fluid dynamics phenomena
  • Multipoint measurements in e.g. studies of coherent structures
  • Field measurements

The system is equipped with BNC connectors and operated from a 12 V DC power adapter or by battery. The bandwidth (5-10 kHz) is optimised for use with wire probes. The anemometer accepts probes with cold resistances typically up to 20 ohms. The overheat setting is achieved via dip switches inside the box.