StatStrip Connectivity and StatStrip Xpress Point-of-Care Lactate Analyzers

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StatStrip Lactate is a handheld point-of-care testing system that brings lactate testing directly to the patient’s bedside. Lactate is currently measured on blood gas analyzers, which creates numerous problems for bedside testing. Blood gas analyzers require anaerobic, arterial samples; large sample volumes (100-200 microliters); and require long analysis times (up to 2.5 minutes). In addition, blood gas analyzers are complex to operate, fixed in location, and expensive to purchase and use. StatStrip Lactate provides the fastest turnaround time possible (13 seconds), on the smallest whole blood sample (0.6 microliters), and can be easily operated by medical and nursing staff. StatStrip Lactate is a very low cost device that makes lactate testing practical and affordable in any size ED, ICU, or medical unit.