The Denford Machine Refurbishment / Re-Warranty Package

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Subject to inspection and approval, we are able to refurbish the following Denford machines: Microrouter Compact, Microrouter V3 & V4 / Pro, Compact 1000 / Pro, Router 2600 / Pro, Novaturn, Novamill / ATC.

The refurbishment package includes:

-Mechanical/electrical service/inspection
-Replacement of serviceable items, where necessary
-Replacement of guards/side windows and new labels fitted
-Upgrade to Nextmove technology with USB connectivity, where applicable
-Supply of latest versions of VR Milling V5 and QuickCAM 2D Design for Routers
-Supply of latest versions of VR Turning and QuickTURN 2D Design for Novaturn  
-One day training course at Denford for 2 people
-Machines will be cleaned (not repainted)
-Novaturns and Novamills will be fitted into new cabinets with integral electronics
-3 year on-site parts and labour warranty

Refurbishments will take place at Denford Limited and will be subject to collection and redelivery charges.