Penjelasan Produk

Denford are pleased to announce the launch of the 5 Station Automatic Toolchanger, complete with 5 toolholders and 8 collets, which is now available as an optional  accessory for the new large-format Router 6600 / 6600 Pro and the Router 2600 / 2600 Pro  with the  option to upgrade to 10, or even 15 tool rack.

The 5 Station Automatic Toolchanger emulates the automated process used in industry, and offers the following benefits:

-Saves the time wasted in repeatedly setting tool offsets associated with a manual toolchange router.

-Your designs can now have superior surface finish, with added fine detail.  With the automatic toolchanger it is easy to incorporate multiple tool changes in your design.  
- No longer do you have to use the same tool for roughing and finishing. For example, use a large flat cutter for quick and efficient roughing out, switch to a ball nose cutter for 3D surface finish, another smaller cutter for finer detail and an engraving cutter for fine engraving detail or text.

-No additional software is required – the 5 Station ATC is compatible with all Denford’s existing range of 2D and 3D Software. 

-Option to upgrade to 10, or even 15 tool rack.