Q-810 Vacuum Hood Shearography System

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The Q-810 Vacuum Hood Shearography System is a fully portable, lightweight and rugged measurement system used for Non- Destructive Testing (NDT) application for the aerospace, wind power, marine, aviation and civil industries. Both simple and effective, the Q-810 is specifically catered for efficient inspection of large structural components. With a field-of-view of 180mm (V) x 230mm (H) / 7.1” (V) x 9.1” (H), the Q-810 can yield results within 15 seconds (depending on loading rate)


Considering a capable inspection rate of 9.6m²/hr (103ft²/hr), a typical covered output of 77m² (830ft²) per day provides a high yield for investors, saving both time and money. NDT users gain consistent and unprecedented imaging performance with the ability to generate clear and reliable quality control procedures. As a practical and flexible system, the Q-810 supports corporate investment in improving quality control and supporting quality assurance of high-end products. The Q-810 system is designed as a highly efficient, cost-effective measurement device that supports rigorous inspection procedures in both post-manufacturing and final product NDT in-servicing.