FlawExplorer NDT inspection system

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Solution: The FlawExplorer is an inspection solution for Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) and Quality Control applications, commonly used on composites and metallic materials. The system is based on Laser Shearography and consists of a sensor unit and a laptop with controlling and reporting software. FlawExplorer is available in two versions with 4 or 8 laser diodes that support inspection of areas from 10x10 cm (0.1 sq ft) up to 2 sq m (20 sq ft) in one shot. The system can be configured with optional excitation modules based on heat, vacuum or vibration excitation respectively, making it suitable for a range of applications from QA in Manufacturing over Research to in-field Inspection operations.

Results: The inspection solution quickly detects and locates discontinuities in composites materials. The system systematically finds flaws like: Wrinkles, Disbonds, Delaminations, Cracks, Crushed core, Kissing bonds, Fluid ingress, Cracked cores, Repair defects, Voids, Foreign Objects, Impact damage (BVID’s), etc. FlawExplorer inspects large areas over a short period of time. The result from a 2 sq m (20 sq ft) inspection area is obtained in less than 30 seconds which makes it the perfect solution for time-sensitive, large scale industrial NDT related applications.

Benefits: The FlawExplorer is a simple and easy to use inspection system that is ready to operate within seconds. The fast system provide measurement results in real-time. Thanks to the user-friendly inspection and reporting software any technician can easily acquire clear, reliable, and useful inspection data. While Ultrasonic testing (UT) and Thermography inspection techniques are struggling to access particular composites as GFRP and honeycomb, Laser Shearography has the ability to detect flaws in these types of materials thanks to the versatility in choosing the proper excitation method. The system helps expedite your complete NDT & Quality Control processes which in turn saves time and money.