HiSense Zyla 5.5 MP sCMOS camera

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The HiSense Zyla is the 2nd generation of sCMOS cameras and makes use of the latest achievements in sensor development – the Scientific CMOS (sCMOS) technology. This new camera is unique in its ability to simultaneously offer ultra-low noise (1.7 e-), extremely fast frame rates (50 Hz in global shutter mode), wide dynamic range (>25,000), high resolution (5.5 MP) and a large field of view. All this comes to you with a maximum quantum efficiency of 60%. This makes the HiSense Zyla the ideal camera for all imaging applications like PIV or intensity based measurements.

The HiSense Zyla brings to you the best of CCD, CMOS and EMCCD technology – and more. You will immediately see the difference in your images and you will benefit from, for example, larger measurement areas with same laser energy, fewer spurious vectors and more precise scalar measurements.