DPSS Lasers

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DPSS (Diode Pumped Solid State) lasers have recently become available with power levels suitable for LDA and PDA. The great advantages of DPSS lasers over Argon-Ion lasers are the compact size, much lower power and cooling requirements and hence lower operating cost. Two of the three proposed DPSS lasers can replace Ar-Ion lasers without need to change any optical components, because the wavelengths are nearly the same.   

The DopplerLite is available in two versions. The  2 x 100 mW version uses 491 and 515 nm lasers and can directly replace an air-cooled Ar-Ion laser. The 2 x 150 mW versions uses different wavelengths and is offered with a modification package for FiberFlow transmitter and receiver optics. Both are silent because there are no cooling fans. The DopplerPower provides 2 x 1 W in 488 and 514 nm and can directly replace a water-cooled Ar-Ion laser.