FlowExplorer Mini LDA with the Benefits of a Full-Size System

Penjelasan Produk

FlowExplorer is a totally new concept in Laser Doppler Anemometry (LDA) for turbulence studies.

It consists of a factory-aligned and calibrated optical probe, an accurate signal processor and a Windows software package with extensive features for graphical and tabular presentation of results.

Access to fluid flow information has now become easier with the FlowExplorer Mini LDA system as it comes with:

  • Calibrated to traceable standards and delivered with a calibration certificate
  • Pre-configured for instant results: software is ready to use, and the laser and optics are integrated in one compact unit for point-and-measure capability
  • Optional wireless PC/LAN interface for enhanced flexibility and control
  • Attractive price to performance ratio

A wide range of applications

  • Aero- and hydrodynamic optimisation
  • Calibration of flow sensors and flow meters
  • Undergraduate fluid mechanics experiments
  • Determining boudary conditions for CFD codes
  • In-situ measurements in airplanes, cars, ships etc.