FlowLite LDA Systems (New possibilities with portable turnkey LDA systems)

Penjelasan Produk

FlowLite systems are the ideal choice for users with little or no experience in LDA, because no adjustments are needed. With their compactness, the new FlowLite systems open up new possibilities for flow measurements in e.g. automotive, aerospace and hydraulic research.

For towing tank applications, FlowLite makes installation on the towing carriage much easier, because the FlowLite units are much smaller and lighter than water cooled Ar-Ion lasers with three-phase power supply which often require reinforcement and modification of the carriage. The FlowLite product range now comprises 1D and 2D systems operating with red, green and blue lasers.

To meet a wide range of requirements regarding measurement distance and space available, three probe sizes are available, covering measurement distances from a few centimeters to more than one meter.

Combined with the latest generation of BSA processors, portable, high-performance LDA and PDA system configurations are now a reality.