Hot-wire Calibration Systems (StreamLine® Pro Automatic calibrator)

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The StreamLine Pro Automatic Calibrator facilitates fast and accurate calibrations of probes over a large velocity range (0.02 m/s to > 300m/s) in direct connection with experiments. Clean and dry air from a pressurised air supply must be supplied for the operation. By connecting the calibrator via USB or Ethernet to a computer running the supporting software, StreamWare, the system is ready to use.

The compact design makes it possible to perform in situ calibrations of probes fixed in e.g. a wind tunnel. Relying on an aerodynamically designed flow section, high-precision transducers and control valves the calibrator generates a free low-turbulence jet that is used as a velocity reference for calibrations. The probe to be calibrated is placed at the jet exit. The unit can be equipped with a pitch-yaw manipulator that allows 2-D and 3-D probes to be rotated for calibration of directional sensitivity.