Accurate velocity & temperature measurements in advanced turbulence research

Penjelasan Produk

The StreamLine Pro system is Dantec Dynamics' research grade anemometer solution for advanced flow and turbulence diagnostics. Its design is a result of more than 65 years of experience in developing constant current and constant temperature anemometers.

The StreamLine Pro CTA system have 3 distinct features:

  • field-proven robust electronics design,
  • automated calibration/measurements and
  • an up-to-date software platform that controls the entire measurement process.

The system is compatible with a comprehensive collection of probes with wire and film sensors. Channel setup, probe traversing, velocity and directional calibrations, data acquisition and reduction, are performed in an automated fashion in order to bring the actual research problem into focus. The velocity measurements can be performed with high spatial and temporal resolution, high dynamic range and good accuracy.

The frame is computer controlled and can house up to 6 channels. Each channel is equipped with 3 different Wheatstone bridge configurations. This makes StreamLine Pro system extremely versatile and CTA measurements possible in very demanding applications. The velocity and directional calibrations are performed effortlessly by the automatic hotwire calibrator, which can also operate as a stand-alone unit for calibration of self-made or third party probes.