FlowLite - A wide choice of probes

Penjelasan Produk

The 14 mm diameter probe is used for applications requiring the smallest possible probe dimensions and a 50 mm measuring distance. Its compact size permits it to be embedded in models or placed directly in the flow with minimal disturbance.

The 27 mm probe is suitable for measuring distances up to 160 mm; it achieves small measuring-volume dimensions in a relatively compact package.

The 14 mm and 27 mm probes are watertight as standard. Front optics suitable for submerged operation are also available.

The 60 mm probe measures at distances up to 1000 mm. A submersible version with a measuring distance up to 497 mm is available. This probe offers a high degree of flexibility in terms of measurement distance and achieves smaller measuring volume dimensions than the 27 mm probe at the same measurement distance.