FlowSense EO Series

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These two performance camera series are the most comprehensive offer on the market. The FlowSense EO series already offers seven models ranging from 0,25 MP resolution all the way up to 29 MP it can accommodate any PIV application. With the now updated FlowSense EO series you can chose from five additional cameras from 4 to 29 MegaPixels offering nearly two times higher frame rates.
With the new 4M-41 camera, which reaches 41 fps, you can run 15Hz double pulse lasers at their maximum repetition rate, which is the design specification. With the 29 MegaPixel camera, up to 1,798,800 vectors can be computed, resulting in an unprecedented spatial resolution.

Based on the latest CCD sensor technology and advanced electronics, these cameras offer features like tap balancing, single and dual tap read out and for the –XX series even 4-tap readout, horizontal and vertical binning, combined ROI and binning, two dimensional flat field correction, defective and hot pixel correction and dynamic black level correction.